Dec 20, 2023Liked by J David Osborne, Jay Springett

Loved both the episodes. Being someone with aphatasia as well it's so interesting to me to hear about how people experience their internal world. There were several moments where I was wondering the difference between imagining and remembering. Especially when you were getting into different senses like taste and feel. Really enjoyed the episodes and looking forward to the next ones

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Dec 18, 2023Liked by J David Osborne, Jay Springett

As both an Osborne and Springett fanboy, to say I've been looking forward to this one is an understatement!

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Dec 29, 2023Liked by Jay Springett

I loved the first episode. It was fascinating to observe my imagination. I discovered that I only added details when you asked for them. When you asked, “ What kind of table?” I would generate that detail. Before that, it was more abstract. I guess I have a rather constructivist mind.

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